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Smoothing Travel Brush

Smoothing Travel Brush

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Introducing the Smooth Co Foldable Smoothing Travel Hairbrush – your ticket to sleekness on the go!

Keep your locks tangle free and smooth on the go with our light weight premium foldable travel brush. Crafted with premium-quality bristles, our travel hairbrush gently detangles and styles, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp stimulation. The ergonomic handle, designed for comfort and efficiency, ensures a seamless brushing experience every time. Featuring anti-static technology and smoothing bristles, it ensures flawless results on the go. Its durability means it can withstand the rigors of travel, from the depths of your gym bag to the overhead compartments of international flights.

The Smooth Company Foldable Travel Hairbrush isn’t just a tool, it's a travel companion that assures smooth sailing (or should we say, brushing?) through the hair-raising adventures of life on the move. So, pack light but pack right – don't let your hairbrush be an afterthought! 

Suitable for all hair types and textures. Suitable for extensions.

Are you Cruelty Free & Vegan?

We would never harm Fungi, Bambi or any of our furry friends as a result of our beauty regime! The Smooth Stick is 100% Cruelty-free and Vegan. As with all of our products, all materials are all ethically sourced.

Are you on TikTok?

You might have seen us there before! We now have over 90 million views (we really still can't believe it!). There is nothing we love more than seeing your reviews and TikToks using the Smooth Stick - use #smoothstick so we can see your posts!! and we sometimes send out our favourite ones a free Smooth Stick ;-)

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