Checklist: Night Out clutch bag

Checklist: Night Out clutch bag

Checklist: Night Out clutch bag

Picture the pandemonium. It is 8.47pm. Your reservation is for 9pm and you
have a 20 minute journey to get there ahead. The taxi has arrived. You’re
frantically scrambling to find all the essentials and shove them aimlessly into
the first bag you can find that reasonably resembles the outfit you’re wearing.
It is chaos. In the mad rush, the chance of you forgetting some crucial
component of the clutch is very high. If nothing else, we recommend you
always grab these 3 things for your night out clutch – with them, you can do

1. Phone: This goes without saying. Without it, you’re at a loss. How do
you text your friends and tell them you’re in the middle of the
dancefloor? You’re at the bar, not caring that the price of 5 cocktails is
nearing the €100 mark – it’s the weekend. It’s tomorrows problem. You
need that nifty phone to execute what feels like a free transaction. If the
debit card doesn’t physically appear, it doesn’t count. Not to mention in
a time when our streets are gloriously full again, the need to pre book a
taxi on a reliable app. Don’t forget the phone.

2. Lip Combo: You just never know where the night will take you. Maybe
you’ll find the man of your dreams. Maybe your mask will smush your
face in the taxi. Maybe you’ll dribble gin down your chin, when the
goblet is just a little too big and the bar had no straws. One thing is
certain – you must be prepped to reapply the winning lip combo at all
times. Nothing worse than faded lipstick and a reminise of liner left
lonely on it’s own. Be prepped ladies.

3. Smooth Stick: We at the Smooth Company have always been that girl
with the hairbrush in the bathroom. Drinks spill. Hair gets sweaty. Rain
hits. You must be prepped to keep those locks looking flames emoji,
despite external factors. Problem is, hairbrushes and bag sizes very
rarely fit together well. A bulky brush just does not gel well with a cute
tote bag. The Smooth Stick is so compact, it slots neatly into your bag
taking up minimal room, but still remaining on hand to achieve
maximum results. 

By Rachel Copley, Feb 2nd 2022.

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