5 simple steps to smooth, sleek, stylish hair!

5 simple steps to smooth, sleek, stylish hair!

Your hair is one of the best creative outlets we, as humans, are given. It is a gateway to your personality and sets the tone for your entire look! Let’s face it– a bad hair day, is quite simply a bad day. Fear not – for we at The Smooth Company understand the importance of luscious locks. We encourage luscious locks. There is nothing that excites us MORE than the idea of slick, beautiful locks.

I know what you’re thinking. Easier said than done. We have all had those days when our hair has probably already well passed its sell-by date. It is screaming out for a rinse and repeat, but instead, you lazily reach for that trusty bottle of dry shampoo for the third consecutive day. Life is busy. We get it. It is not easy to keep that salon sleek look 24/7 and if someone tells you they have mastered this – they’re lying. Block them.

This being said, there are definitely some simplistic steps that can be followed, to somewhat catfish your hair into thinking it is sleek and sexy all the time. Nothing too fancy, just what we would consider minimal effort to achieve maximum hair silkiness!

Step 1: You gotta invest in a quality shampoo. One size (unfortunately)
does not fit all. Tempting as the €2 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body
wash combo may be to you, (particularly on those weeks where payday
is taking its sweet time) your hair will never ever thank you for it. Each
scalp is different. Each head of hair is different. Chat to your hairdresser
and see what they recommend – they know your hair best.

Step 2: If you have successfully mastered Step 1, chances are Step 2 will
come as a doddle. Following the shampoo, we condition. Most modern
day shampoo brands will come hand in hand with a conditioner, or if
they’re really boujee, maybe even a hair mask (spelled masque if extra
boujee). Apply that good stuff GENEROUSLY to the ends of your hair.
Let’s be real, we all sizzle our hair enough times a week. It deserves this
chance to be quenched. A solid conditioner will diminish fuzziness and
help keep your hair static free – both essential when trying to achieve
optimal sleekness!

Step 3: Good blow-dry etiquette. Tempting as it is to blast dry that head
of hair when you’re tired and just want to jump into bed, those baby
hairs will not thank you for it. Aim the hair dryer downwards when blow-
drying wet hair, and put them strands in their place. Take no prisoners.

Step 4: Drink yo’ H2O. Think about this one logically. Your hair will
NEVER look nourished and hydrated, if your insides are crying out for a
cleansing glass of water. By keeping yourself well hydrated, your body
will flush away any bad vibes your hair might be catching, keeping her
super slick.

Step 5: We obviously can’t forget the main component in any slick hair
look – the Smooth Stick of course. Despite our quest for sleek hair, there is nothing we can do when Mother Nature decides to hit you with a wind storm on your walk to the bus or when the humidity in the club makes your every strand expand. Your safest option in times like this? Remain locked and loaded with your Smooth Stick on hand for super easy, swift taming of the hair!

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